Butterflies of Western NC – Tee Spring Profits eBook – MRR & G

I live in the land of perpetual grandiose beauty of the Western North Carolina majestic mountains. The land and views from God and all his grace!

As we are in the Full Season of Fall, but before the leaves change their colors with the colder temperatures rolling in, the magnificent butterflies charm us with their presence and beauty. From monarchs to moths, from the valley’s to the garden centers, butterflies flutter and rest on their journey to their nesting grounds in the South.





Each year I feel blessed with their emergence and presence. Each year I delight in trying to capture them as an image. And this year is no exception!

I encourage you to get out there and take pictures! Hike and Walk your way through Western NC, but look for the butterfly and let them touch your soul!

Flight of the butterfly is so precious to me. I look forward each year to see their carefully crafted bodies gathering nectar from each wild flower to the next. Who can concentrate when there is such beauty, such delicate flight. Get out there and enjoy your world!

~Kris Williams


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Do you know what a Weir is? Hayesville, NC – Holiday Recipes eBook – FREE & G

Do you know what a Weir is?

Well, before I had visited this Weir, I did not know what it was or what it did. My daughter showed me a spot in Hayesville, NC that I never knew existed, until now. And, I found it fascinating and wanted to share it with all of you!

A Weir is placed in a river to provide turbulence to the water for the wildlife, flaura, fauna, and fish. This churning water adds in oxygen to the water system and helps the river to keep things a healthy environment for those that live and need the water to survive.

A word of caution, it is not safe to swim or boat near a Weir due to the whirlpools and downpull in the water near the weir. You could be trapped beneath the water very easily!! And, it is deep near the Weir.

If you get to Hayesville and happen to visit the Dam, be sure to also visit the Weir. The Weir is located very close in proximity to the Dam and is a short walk from the parking lot to the Weir either up, to the side, or beneath it.

Enjoy your surroundings and try to visit all that you can!

~Kris Williams



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Bumblebees of Western NC – How-to Become a Beekeeping Pro eBook – MRR

Western North Carolina is one of the most highly photogenic areas in the world to capture a wide variety of pictures, animals, flowers, scenery, insects, species, and views. I am extremely lucky to be a part of this beautiful section of the world, but also fortunate to have a camera to snap pictures of what I love to look at. Western NC is unique for me, each day providing something completely new to see. Even if you are visiting a place you have been to in the past, each new visit provides something totally new to soak in and marvel at. Peace in the heart for me, comes from the mountains and all they have to offer and share.






Of course I am not referring to Bumblebee of the Transformers metallic giant machines. However, Bumblebee is still my favorite transformer and has been since childhood. But, I am referring to my favorite insect on this planet: The Bumblebee!


My, August 5th, outing with my daughter, was no exception to this majestic part of the world! Bumblebees are loved by many and as it were, I was able to capture several lovely images of Bumblebees to share with you.


I was fortunate to capture bumblebees in flight, pollinating with flowers, and at rest on a leaf. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I had fun taking them. I also had fun asking the bees to hold still for just a moment!

Enjoy! I did!

~Kris Williams

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Spider Webs made by Orb Weaver Spiders – How to have an Unforgettable Camping Vacation eBook – MRR

This morning was filled with fog and sunshine as we jump quickly into Fall in Western North Carolina. A little chill in the air and enough brightness to blind someone upon waking.

While out and about, I came across a lovely site! Orb weaver spiders had created brilliant cobwebs amidst the telephone and electric wires and I was stunned. What a lovely site to see!


Although difficult for me to get any terrific shot, I was able to catch some photographs worth posting about!



FUN FACTS: Did you know that Orb weaving spiders create their webs at night and take them down the next day. These busy spiders only live for 1 to 2 years.


Orb weave spiders are also carnivores and are nocturnal predators. They create some awesome spider webs for the eyes to see and the camera to capture, as well.

So, the next time you are out and about, be sure to look up and you might just get an opportunity to see an orb weaver spider web or two! I did, and wow, was it ever a sight to see and capture!


~Kris Williams




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Solar Eclipse Western, NC – Starbucks Knockoff Recipes eBook – MRR

For those of you who were lucky to be in the direct path or who traveled to a location to be in the path of the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st, 2017, you had the best view of the Solar Eclipse. The last Total Eclipse was about 100 years ago!

Luckily we were prepared and ordered our glasses early enough, and sadly I put them in a safe place for use later, and then lost the first set of glasses. So we ordered another set of glasses and distributed them to family to watch the spectacular Total Solar Eclipse.

We happened to be in such a good area, that we could view the Eclipse directly from our yard and I managed to take some interesting pictures, which I have included here for show.

Yes, they could have been much better shots, but you live and you learn. Next time if I am lucky enough to capture another Total Eclipse, I will have a pinpoint filter to capture a better image. However, in my defense of the original eclipse pictures, I at least had two special filters to get what I did capture. And all this is shot with a Nikon camera with an 18mm lens, so nothing really spectacular as someone with a 2200 lens might capture.

I gave it my best shot and I enjoyed the Eclipse immensely, watching it then entire length of time from bright to bright sunlight and everything in between. And during the total eclipse even the chilly cold temperature was fun. Interestingly enough, the birds were quiet and in hiding, the crickets and grasshoppers chirping ever-so-softly, and the non-existent breeze at full eclipse was wonderful to experience! I was lucky to capture a photograph of a wasp buzzing by after the full eclipse with the sun in view, and oddly enough the bees kept coming around right before and right after the Eclipse.

So there you have it. My personal Total Solar Eclipse experience. Fun and Original to boot! What was your experience?


~Kris Williams

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Best L’il Corner Ice Cream Parlor, Hayesville, NC – Survival Guide to Backpacking eBook – FREE & G

Tucked away in a small town in Western NC is a delightful and magical place that you can visit, called ‘The Best L’il Ice-Cream Parlor’. And I must agree with the store name because once you step inside this little place, the character, charm, and atmosphere is sure to please just about every soul! Every little nook and cranny is filled with items from yesteryear, flooding your senses with old-time memories and times from long forgotten ages.


Sheila and her husband created this delightful ice- cream old-fashioned parlor about 80 years ago. It began as a barn and over the years transformed into what you see today in all its beauty and charm. This owner and her family made this special place with all theĀ  heart and soul, grit and tenacity one can imagine! This ice cream parlor, is where you should stop to eat regardless of being a local or a visitor.

Coke-a-cola, Soaps, Butter, Racing, Country, and Pepsi memorabilia hang or sit all about the restaurant. Seating consists of tables on two levels and an old-timey parlor style stools, but you can walk around the store to take in all the visuals, while you wait for your purchases. Be careful not to touch these old treasures because they are quite fragile, but let your eyes feast on the plenitude of antiques and dated trinkets.

I urge you to pass up those Fast Food places and delight yourself with some old time sodas, rich and creamy milkshakes, and mouth-watering burgers and fries, the way they used to be made. Home style cooking with ambiance for the senses to real in and treasures on every wall to delight your sights. They even have sugar-free ice-cream for diabetics and those watching their waistline. 15 varieties of home-made shakes and Angus burgers to tickle your fancy!

Many a local child has visited this parlor and have enjoyed their delicious experiences. Even the local disabled children have been welcomed to the store each and every school year for a special visit.

Lose the crowds, step back-in-time, and savor your personal Ice-cream flavors! Come find out why this L’il Corner really is the best! And check out my other post on Best L’il Corner Antiques, which will sure please the avid antique enthusiast and historian!

I hope I enticed you to stop and shop in Hayesville, NC. This really is the Best L’il Corner!


~Kris Williams


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Hiawassee, North Georgia – 999 Great Business Ideas eBook – MRR

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the border of Western, NC is the terrific little town of Hiawassee, GA. This town is surrounded by rolling mountains, scenic pull-overs, picturesque parks, and a tranquil large lake named, Lake Chatuge.

Many hikers come down off the Appalachian trail and hike it to the town. A little town that boasts the North GA State Fairgrounds, as well as lake sports, a giant Fieldstone movie theater, and who couldn’t forget Benny’s Sanitation!

I still giggle every time I hear his radio broadcast commercial with that special garbage guarantee, don’t you? Stephen Phillips, who is a very funny and talented radio show host as well as President of Benny’s Sanitation, is listened to by many in this area. His comments and opinions are enough to keep you coming back for more. How can you not smile every time you pass his business or hear him on the radio?

The Towns county police are also fantastic people. I bumped into an officer just today, who hasmentioned the best way to capture an image of an old machine near the courthouse and police station. I didn’t get his name sadly, but any time I have ever had a bump in with any of these officers, they have always been kind, sweet, and very helpful. If you get a chance, be sure to Thank these men and women in blue because their lives MATTER and they do a wonderful job at keeping us all safe and protected!

Hiawassee, GA is a fast growing town and filled with some unique shops such as a $2 store and a $5 store. You can also find more national recognized stores and eateries like Fred’s, Dollar General, Zaxby’s, Taco Bell, Subway, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Ingles, Sav-A-Lot, and Blimpie.

However, the best thing about Hiawassee Georgia, is the scenic beauty of the entire area. If you get a chance to get on the lake in a boat, drive down main street, or even stroll in for a movie, the view is always beautiful and just captures the heart. And keep in mind the people are very polite and friendly.

This is another one of those GREAT small towns to discover!

~Kris Williams


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Saunooke Village, Cherokee, NC – 100 Salmon Recipes eBook- MRR

The Cherokee have a wonderful shopping village on the reservation that is filled with little shops, eating places, and river you can raft down. This place is called Saunooke Village! The river park is close-by.


Each of the seasons has a different view of the Reservation and surrounding areas. Turning leaves in the fall, a dusting of snow in the winter, spring flowers, and even summer time rafting!

Craftsmanship is simply detailed and creative! You can find anything from books to bird houses, and herbs to wood flutes. There are also souvenirs and trinkets to must-haves and baubles to gift to others. Saunooke Village is a great place to find treasures for holiday’s and birthday’s that are original. These stores and shops delight shoppers and offer many fine hand-worked items to dazzle your family and friends.

Nearby you will find the Great Smoky Mountain Park Cherokee entrance, Mingus Mill, Mingus Falls, large grazing elk, and so much more. This majestic area is scenic, worthy of a photo shoot, great for hikers and explorers, filled with winding and twisting roads, filled with interesting shops, holds some terrific eatery places, holds a Cherokee museum, entices many to their casino for gambling, and hosts the Great Cherokee Native Americans!

Your historical visit awaits any family, individual, or group. You might just be surprised at all the Cherokee have to offer visitors and locals!

~Kris Williams


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Mingus Mill Cherokee, NC – 500 Bread Recipes – MRR

Mingus Mill is located in the Smoky Mountain Park, within the Cherokee, NC entrance. This is an old time mill, that still functions and produces mill grains for purchase.


This fascinating Mill provides plenty of visual displays and signs depicting how the old-time grain milling was done. The demonstrations are fun to watch and there is a small store where you can buy some grains, like millet, for home use.

I particularly love this setting as it is very photogenic and by visiting this Mill, you often feel as if you were taking a walk in yesteryear’s footpath. See the giant mill stones, see how they directed the water to turn the millstones, cross over a stream and walk the footpath to the mill, and experience the inner workings of an old mill. This mill captures my heart and I love it every time I visit the area.



This is a particularly great stop for families and tourists, but this is also a favorite spot of mine to catch some terrific photographs of a working mill. Not too many left that function and produce grains for consumption in the country! So, if you get to the Smoky Mountain National Park, Cherokee side, be sure to stop at this destination!!

Have you been here already? Then show me in the comments section below…


~Kris Williams


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Bryson City, NC – 21 Powerful ways to use Instagram eBooklet – MRR & G

Bryson City, NC is the main train station for the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad. At certain times you can ride Thomas the Tank Engine and snap photo’s of his friends or take a ride on the Polar Express! Each season holds different themes and attractions. But wait, there is a lot more to do than ride a train…

This town is scenic, family friendly,

and just plain adorable.

Lovely shops and eateries are within walking distance from the train, up-close views of the train and you can purchase tickets to ride the train, majestic mountain views all around, watch a play at the old-time Bryson City community theater, watch the flowing waters of the Tuckasegee River, go white water river rafting or zip down some zip lines, stay in one of the many local log cabins, hike the Appalachian trail, and even visit their Deep Creek community, which hosts an entrance into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For the outdoor enthusiast, there is plenty to do and see!

The library here has a different system than the libraries in most western NC towns/cities. So you will most likely have to get a new card! Be sure to return any borrowed materials, since most Western NC libraries have very little funding to acquire new books and reading materials. You can help any local library with the purchase of used books on sale at the Friends of the Library sales and/or their used book stores.

Local Churches are plenty, lovely to visit, and photograph. And they even have a hospital in this small town, so if an emergency arises, they have got you covered!




~Kris Williams


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