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Legend has it that a Giant Native American, named Judaculla, lived in the surrounding mountainside and creek area of Cullowhee, NC. There lies a giant rock filled with petroglyphs and experts still cannot agree on the purpose and meaning of the rock and petroglyphs. Have you been there?

Here is a video that shows more of the rock and the petroglyphs that I personally took the photographs for some years ago…

Scott Wolter, TV Host of ‘America Unearthed’, came to take pictures and video for a TV show about Judaculla Rock. To his surprise and others, he received unwelcome sabotage from a local archeologist, also named Scott.

Read about it here on Scott Wolter’s own blog…be sure to scroll down for the nighttime photograph of the Rock.

Scott Wolter’s blog and picture of Judaculla Rock at night

The local newspaper, The Sylva Herald, wrote an article about this filming controversy. Sadly it looks like most of that article is unreadable due to the article being part of a subscription based system. The link does explain the sentiment of the state archeologist, Scott Ashcraft.

Sadly in April 2016, some deranged individual removed a sign at Judaculla Rock Historical site and is thought to also be the one who did vandalize the rock itself. Walker Chace Wadkins was subsequently caught and his bail was set at $10,000. Last I knew they were still looking for some witnesses and information. Can you help out?

Here is the Citizen-Times article detailing a little bit more about this vandalism…

Citizen-Times Newspaper Story on the Vandalism and theft of the sign

Judaculla Rock is a local treasured historical site. If you ever have the chance to see this special rock, I urge you to! And check out the history or from what they can surmise about it. A great mystery surrounds this Judaculla Rock.

What do you think? What have you heard about this rock?


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Hayesville, NC USA

Most people do not even know that Hayesville, NC exists. Besides being another town or a little dot on the map, Hayesville and the surrounding towns and area are located in the Majestic Smoky Mountain region. There are hundreds of hiking trails, refreshing streams and rivers, spectacular waterfalls and views, stunning natural beauty and picturesque locations, great eating destinations, and fabulous friendly faces!

Hayesville, NC is a grand town in the middle of Western North Carolina! Central to many gorgeous places and unique flavor of the senses.

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