Site Policies

Each download has a limit of 2 downloads per transaction. This is done for security reasons.

You are NOT permitted to share downloads or download links, at any time. You can direct a friend to a post, but you may not spam the link or post with anyone.

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Physical products can be exchanged or refunded, depending on the sole discretion of Kris Williams. Kris Williams word is final. and Kris Williams, do not issue any refunds or exchanges for eBook or eProducts at any time, due to the nature of the business. Be sure of your purchase before you buy!

Any chargebacks will be dealt with accordingly and negative feedback will be noted. You will also be barred from making any further purchases from our site and our sister sites will be advised as well of your name and information.

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Copyright and trademarks are listed as per product. Any additional rights such as NR, RR, MRR, PLR, FREE, G, or any of the like are listed with each product. Please follow all rights per product explicitly!

NR = No Rights, No Resell!

RR = Resell Rights

MRR = Master Resell Rights

PLR = Private Label Rights

FREE = Free to Read Rights

G = Give-Away Rights and Kris Williams do not sell, trade, give-away, or show your private data with anyone, except within the network of sites. This is used strictly for marketing and advertising purposes only.

Use of this site and any of our materials or products mean you will follow all the rules and strictly adhere to them at all times.

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We deem the right to add to and delete from these site policies at any time, please check back for additional changes.