Bumblebees of Western NC – How-to Become a Beekeeping Pro eBook – MRR

Western North Carolina is one of the most highly photogenic areas in the world to capture a wide variety of pictures, animals, flowers, scenery, insects, species, and views. I am extremely lucky to be a part of this beautiful section of the world, but also fortunate to have a camera to snap pictures of what I love to look at. Western NC is unique for me, each day providing something completely new to see. Even if you are visiting a place you have been to in the past, each new visit provides something totally new to soak in and marvel at. Peace in the heart for me, comes from the mountains and all they have to offer and share.






Of course I am not referring to Bumblebee of the Transformers metallic giant machines. However, Bumblebee is still my favorite transformer and has been since childhood. But, I am referring to my favorite insect on this planet: The Bumblebee!


My, August 5th, outing with my daughter, was no exception to this majestic part of the world! Bumblebees are loved by many and as it were, I was able to capture several lovely images of Bumblebees to share with you.


I was fortunate to capture bumblebees in flight, pollinating with flowers, and at rest on a leaf. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I had fun taking them. I also had fun asking the bees to hold still for just a moment!

Enjoy! I did!

~Kris Williams

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