Do you know what a Weir is? Hayesville, NC – Holiday Recipes eBook – FREE & G

Do you know what a Weir is?

Well, before I had visited this Weir, I did not know what it was or what it did. My daughter showed me a spot in Hayesville, NC that I never knew existed, until now. And, I found it fascinating and wanted to share it with all of you!

A Weir is placed in a river to provide turbulence to the water for the wildlife, flaura, fauna, and fish. This churning water adds in oxygen to the water system and helps the river to keep things a healthy environment for those that live and need the water to survive.

A word of caution, it is not safe to swim or boat near a Weir due to the whirlpools and downpull in the water near the weir. You could be trapped beneath the water very easily!! And, it is deep near the Weir.

If you get to Hayesville and happen to visit the Dam, be sure to also visit the Weir. The Weir is located very close in proximity to the Dam and is a short walk from the parking lot to the Weir either up, to the side, or beneath it.

Enjoy your surroundings and try to visit all that you can!

~Kris Williams



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Cats in the Garden – Cats eBook – FREE and G

Cats in the Garden

Many of us have gardens and pets, particularly Cats! Some are pets and some are pests, but never-the-less they can be a constant presence in your garden wanted or not.

If a cat is destroying your garden, then I have 12 easy tips for you to help keep them out.

  1. Fence, low voltage fence, or covered garden space.
  2. Ultrasonic sound devices.
  3. Your own hair clippings.
  4. Rough ground or objects designed to be a nuisance to the cat, to deter digging. Skat rugs (local nursery sells to discourage cats from digging the soil), cardboard, lattice, or even screens/metal fencing laid flat.
  5. Plant flowers and plants that they dislike the smell associated with, such as lavender, marigold’s, geraniums, and other plants they detest.
  6. Use Citrus rinds and peels and/or dried herbs that cats detest. Such as, dried eucalyptus or peppermint, and lemon or orange rinds.
  7. Spray repellents for Cats from the store.
  8. Coffee grounds.
  9. Motion detection sprinklers.
  10. Old Tobacco, pipe ashes, and tobacco leaves.
  11. Move your bird feeders out of the garden.
  12. And sometimes a spray from a hose with remind the cat to stay clear of your garden!

Try to keep in mind that your garden is inviting to animals and birds of all kinds. You will never destroy the instinct of cats and their hunting drive, so if you can learn to live with it, you might just get the added bonus of company while you are working in your garden!

~Kris Williams


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Taylor’s Nursery Robbinsville, NC – Beginner Gardening Advice Free eBook

How was your day? Mine was lovely! I spent over an hour at Taylor’s Nursery today taking pictures and choosing what I needed for the garden. I ended up getting two gigantic 3rd year blueberry bushes at $15 a piece, some tomato plants (Roma and Early girl) 3-to-a-pack for $1 each, an orange poker plant $5, and a 3-pack of mixed colored peppers for $1. They always have friendly service, a smile on their faces, and a wide selection of plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and much more! Every time I go to Taylor’s Nursery, I feel like I am in a candy store picking out the most flavorful tastes. Anyone else feel the same way?

Taylor’s Nursery is located in Robbinsville, North Carolina. Robbinsville is a small town with about 10,000 residents that explode each summer with additional visitors. To reach Robbinsville you must climb a winding trail through the mountains on what used to be the railroad path, if you are coming from Route 64 between Andrews and Nantahala gorge. You can also reach Robbinsville from the Cherohala from Tennessee, Route 64 near turnoff near Almond, NC, or even by US 129. Curvy two lane roads, one in each direction, lead you to the county seat, which is the town of Robbinsville. Robbinsville has all the beautiful mountain scenery you can soak in, fresh water rapids for kayaking, highly talented artists, the Tail of the Dragon famous winding roads, beautiful trees and local plants like Trillium’s and Ginseng, and so much more. But, that is another story worth its own post!!

Getting back to my nursery visit now, I walked almost every greenhouse aisle in pursuit of some fantastic flower pictures, casually glancing at labels to remind me of their names, and making sure that I stuck to my specific list. Rows and rows of many varieties of tomatoes, some I have never seen before and some that I grew in my own garden each year. Regurgitating the names they are as follows: Early girl, Purple Cherokee, Sweet Red Tom-a-toe, Roma, Beefsteak, Beef-master, Golden Jubilee, Red cherry, Red celebrity, Japanese Red, Better Bush, Jolly-Ea Tom-a-toe, Ruby Orr, Brandy-wine, Arkansas Traveler, Paul Robeson, and more that I cannot remember all of their names.

I also saw pots and flats of seedlings growing cantaloupe, peppers, pumpkin, hot peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, egg plant, and asparagus. Flowers were in the next greenhouse and their colors lit up like Christmas lights and fireworks. Yellows, reds, inks purples, whites, blacks, mixed, greens, browns, and then colorful plants filled in all the in-between spaces. I tried my best to capture every flower, bud, and color I could with my camera, essentially spending over an hour snatching every shot I could. Eventually I did come to a time whereas I needed to complete my purchase and be on my way. Not before I mentioned I would be back to take further photos and purchase more again soon!

My day, even though it rained miserably later, was summed up by my magical candy shop visit to a local nursery! I do not know why my heart loves gardening so much, but it is in the depth of my soul and I enjoyed my time at Taylor’s Nursery immensely! I hope you will come along with me on my next visit, or at least tag-a-long with my next post at the nursery.


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