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Tucked away in a small town in Western NC is a delightful and magical place that you can visit, called ‘The Best L’il Ice-Cream Parlor’. And I must agree with the store name because once you step inside this little place, the character, charm, and atmosphere is sure to please just about every soul! Every little nook and cranny is filled with items from yesteryear, flooding your senses with old-time memories and times from long forgotten ages.


Sheila and her husband created this delightful ice- cream old-fashioned parlor about 80 years ago. It began as a barn and over the years transformed into what you see today in all its beauty and charm. This owner and her family made this special place with all theĀ  heart and soul, grit and tenacity one can imagine! This ice cream parlor, is where you should stop to eat regardless of being a local or a visitor.

Coke-a-cola, Soaps, Butter, Racing, Country, and Pepsi memorabilia hang or sit all about the restaurant. Seating consists of tables on two levels and an old-timey parlor style stools, but you can walk around the store to take in all the visuals, while you wait for your purchases. Be careful not to touch these old treasures because they are quite fragile, but let your eyes feast on the plenitude of antiques and dated trinkets.

I urge you to pass up those Fast Food places and delight yourself with some old time sodas, rich and creamy milkshakes, and mouth-watering burgers and fries, the way they used to be made. Home style cooking with ambiance for the senses to real in and treasures on every wall to delight your sights. They even have sugar-free ice-cream for diabetics and those watching their waistline. 15 varieties of home-made shakes and Angus burgers to tickle your fancy!

Many a local child has visited this parlor and have enjoyed their delicious experiences. Even the local disabled children have been welcomed to the store each and every school year for a special visit.

Lose the crowds, step back-in-time, and savor your personal Ice-cream flavors! Come find out why this L’il Corner really is the best! And check out my other post on Best L’il Corner Antiques, which will sure please the avid antique enthusiast and historian!

I hope I enticed you to stop and shop in Hayesville, NC. This really is the Best L’il Corner!


~Kris Williams


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