Solar Eclipse Western, NC – Starbucks Knockoff Recipes eBook – MRR

For those of you who were lucky to be in the direct path or who traveled to a location to be in the path of the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st, 2017, you had the best view of the Solar Eclipse. The last Total Eclipse was about 100 years ago!

Luckily we were prepared and ordered our glasses early enough, and sadly I put them in a safe place for use later, and then lost the first set of glasses. So we ordered another set of glasses and distributed them to family to watch the spectacular Total Solar Eclipse.

We happened to be in such a good area, that we could view the Eclipse directly from our yard and I managed to take some interesting pictures, which I have included here for show.

Yes, they could have been much better shots, but you live and you learn. Next time if I am lucky enough to capture another Total Eclipse, I will have a pinpoint filter to capture a better image. However, in my defense of the original eclipse pictures, I at least had two special filters to get what I did capture. And all this is shot with a Nikon camera with an 18mm lens, so nothing really spectacular as someone with a 2200 lens might capture.

I gave it my best shot and I enjoyed the Eclipse immensely, watching it then entire length of time from bright to bright sunlight and everything in between. And during the total eclipse even the chilly cold temperature was fun. Interestingly enough, the birds were quiet and in hiding, the crickets and grasshoppers chirping ever-so-softly, and the non-existent breeze at full eclipse was wonderful to experience! I was lucky to capture a photograph of a wasp buzzing by after the full eclipse with the sun in view, and oddly enough the bees kept coming around right before and right after the Eclipse.

So there you have it. My personal Total Solar Eclipse experience. Fun and Original to boot! What was your experience?


~Kris Williams

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