Independence Day – July 4th in the United States – Jello Recipes – FREE & G

Independence Day or July 4th in the United States is a VERY special day! This day goes back to the founding of our country and as far back as I can remember, this day is and was hugely celebrated in every state!

For those who do not know or understand the United States of America’s history, holiday’s, and humble beginnings, then I encourage you to research more into this. Every American should know the very history of its own country! For those that do not support or wish to celebrate this wonderful holiday, then please visit another blog.

Patriots of every shape, size and from any US location are proudly displaying their support and love for our country, the Great United States of America. From bright colorful displays in front yards to grand explosion of fireworks at night, this day is a much loved and treasured holiday!

Guns, God, and the people of 1776 made America Great!

Say our Pledge and Sing our Patriotic Songs, this is a DAY to be Proud and Patriotic of!


So put on your red, white and blue, display those flags everywhere, and get your patriotic spirit flowing! Show and be proud to give your support for the BEST country in the world! And please do not forget to THANK all those Seniors, Veterans, and Military who helped make and keep this country safe! God bless America!!



I am PROUD of my country and so should you be! Show it!

~Kris Williams





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