Spider Webs made by Orb Weaver Spiders – How to have an Unforgettable Camping Vacation eBook – MRR

This morning was filled with fog and sunshine as we jump quickly into Fall in Western North Carolina. A little chill in the air and enough brightness to blind someone upon waking.

While out and about, I came across a lovely site! Orb weaver spiders had created brilliant cobwebs amidst the telephone and electric wires and I was stunned. What a lovely site to see!


Although difficult for me to get any terrific shot, I was able to catch some photographs worth posting about!



FUN FACTS: Did you know that Orb weaving spiders create their webs at night and take them down the next day. These busy spiders only live for 1 to 2 years.


Orb weave spiders are also carnivores and are nocturnal predators. They create some awesome spider webs for the eyes to see and the camera to capture, as well.

So, the next time you are out and about, be sure to look up and you might just get an opportunity to see an orb weaver spider web or two! I did, and wow, was it ever a sight to see and capture!


~Kris Williams




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