Asheville Police Surrender – Fitting Exercise into a Busy Schedule eBook – MRR

Every once in a while, a news story comes along and brightens your day! This is no exception and how the police responded to this disturbance call, I am delighted to report, was a brilliant, creative move of the Asheville police. Turning a negative situation into a positive rapport situation with the locals!

It is rare that you get to see the good side or the positive side of the police, but this occasion was absolutely adorable and worthy of re-sharing with all of you!

Instead of this disturbance call being what the caller had insinuated, the Asheville police found no disturbance and joined in on the fun, making a few friends in the process. Great rapport and community action, in my book!

See for yourself. It makes me smile…


You can read the full article done by the Citizen-Times here…

God bless the Police who help and protect our communities every day! I hope people continue to support your local officers, Nurses and Doctors, EMT, and Firemen in your neighborhood.

And a special Shout out! to say ‘Thank you Asheville Police’ for all that you do!

~Kris Williams

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Birding in NC – Common Types of Birds in North America eBook – NR & NG

Even if you are NOT from North Carolina, birds are all around you and their sweet song can ease the soul. North Carolina has many birds located within its borders that people often enjoy hearing, seeing, and watching.

If you didn’t happen to know that there were Birding trails and birding groups across the state, then let me point you to a great resource…

Kids and adults love the birds and with placing bird baths and bird feeders in your own back yard, you can attract many little visitors to watch!

Here is a great visual guide to the birds of North Carolina…

So, the point of my article is, GET OUT THERE and Go Birding! Bring your camera along and snap some photographs to document your sightings and make this a great family event!

Those pictured here are some of my favorite backyard birds who visit my bird seed feeder!

~Kris Williams

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Waterfalls of Western NC – Podcasting for Fun & Profits eBook – MRR

Western NC hosts many waterfalls in her lands. You can find small waterfalls to special noteworthy falls. Some you will have to hike, climb, or or drive to, while others might be in your backyard.


These mountains contain some of the most beautiful scenic waterfalls there are, and some of the most photogenic masterpieces of all time.


Often people begin with the state parks and all that they have to offer. The Great Smoky Mountains is no exception, and Mingus Falls is just off the Cherokee Park entrance road. Mingus Falls requires you to hike up quite a number of steps, but it is truly worth your time to do so! This Falls is amazing and it often difficult to photograph due to the falls being cast usually in two different lights. The top half is subject to full sun and the bottom half, usually where most stand and photograph the falls on the bridge, is usually cast in shadow light of the forest. If you get there on an overcast day, where it is not too bright with sun and about ready to rain, and you have a chance to capture the entire falls in similar lighting.


Throughout the park, there are other waterfalls attached to hiking trails and even by the roadside. Any photographer wishing to grasp the flow of waterfalls usually stops by the wayside to capture all the essence they can.


There are even waterfalls more widely known such as Bridal Falls, which is on the way to Highlands from Franklin, NC. At one time vehicles could drive beneath this falls. If you go on a day expecting rain or shortly thereafter a good rainfall, the falls promises a better water flow for your picture!

Driving into the town of Highlands from the Franklin direction, you will notice their lake has a beautiful full cascading falls for the overflow of the lake. There are many waterfalls along the roads to Highlands area as well. Just take a long drive and keep your eyes open!


Some notable smaller waterfalls can be seen in the Joyce Kilmer Park and on the way to Tennessee through the Cherohala Skyway. They can be filmed by the roadside or may require a short hike. Likewise North Georgia has some lovely waterfalls via the roadside as well as available from short hikes.


And for those accustomed to the area, there are little spots and parks across the entire region. One such place is Fires Creek in Hayesville, NC.


The point is, if you love Waterfalls, Western North Carolina has plenty of them to keep you busy! Whether you are on a footpath, in a state park, or driving down the road, waterfalls are plentiful and they can be picture perfect!


I am proud to live in the land of the Waterfalls! Someday, I hope you will visit the area and seek out thy waterfalls.

~Kris Williams


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Smoky Mountain State Park Entrance – Cat Head Biscuits and Garlic Fried Chicken eBook – MRR

This mention of the Smoky Mountain State Park can cover a lot of material, so instead I will focus on the Smoky Mountain State Park Entrance for this post, and then mention the State park with other specific things to see and do, with points in later posts.


One of all the parks in the United States that should be visited in your lifetime, at the least once, should be the Smoky Mountain State Park! I am lucky to be living in just this area, which is also in the Western NC Mountains. However the State Park is located specifically in Cherokee, NC area as well as stationed in TN.

Focusing on the Cherokee entrance here, I will mention that on a good morning or evening, you might just catch sight of the park’s increasing elk population. It is advisable to stay quite the distance from the elk and there are usually Park Rangers posted to help remind all visitors to STAY BACK! Generally you can get some GREAT pictures with a camera that has a telephoto lens.

One of the most important rules that the local children learn about the wildlife in the area, is that you do NOT feed the wildlife. The reason why is that it accustoms the wildlife to getting hand-outs and then chaos soon abounds with problems. So PLEASE, if you are visiting the area, DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE!


At the entrance to the Smoky Mountain Park is the Oconaluftee Visitor Center and a working 19th century Appalachian farm which is considered to be their museum. This farm is complete with farm animals during the summer, corn cribs, buildings and barns, demonstrations during the summer, and crops that were grown at that particular time.


This is a fabulous place to learn and smell the local Appalachian farm flavors, see how the farm worked, and see what all they sold or traded with others.


Your Smoky Mountain State Park visit should allow for the study a 19th century farm, a hike or two on one of the many trails throughout the park, a chance to see many of the beautiful mountain and meadow landscapes,  a hike to one of the many picturesque waterfalls, a horseback ride within the state park, a visit to Mingus Mill (an old time grain processing mill), walk an identified plant and tree labeled path, raft in the Deep Creek community area, drive up and over into TN via the main winding road, camp and stay within the State Park, and to visit the Clingman’s Dome observation area. Be sure to also come in the fall and see the colors of the leaves in full swing!


This State Park offers so much for so little cost! One visit and you will know why everyone treasures the Smoky Mountain State Park in their hearts!


~Kris Williams



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Lake Chatuge Dam – Boating Secrets Uncovered eBook – MRR

Lake Chatuge Dam is a beautiful spot for overlooking the lake.  This Dam is walk-able most of the time and often local running sporting events will span across the dam pathway for their races.


The dam is linked to a trail-head with a campground nearby. Water sports and lake access is provided in many areas in Hayesville, NC as well as Hiawassee, GA with boating ramps.


There are many camp grounds surrounding the lake with reasonable camping site fees, bridges, private homes and rentals, and even some marinas for your boating and camping needs.

Lake Chatuge Dam is quite the flat paved walking platform. You will find many locals getting their evening stroll or fishing nearby. And the view is really beautiful!

Next time you are on Lake Chatuge or in the area, be sure to schedule a half hour to walk the dam and meet some wonderful people!

~Kris Williams


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Lake Chatuge, Hayesville, NC – Bass Fishing 101 – MRR

If you find yourself in Hayesville, NC one day and you probably will find yourself somehow at the Lake. Lake Chatuge is bordered by two small towns, Hayesville, NC and Hiawassee, GA. And wow is it a lovely lake, with islands, views of the mountains, luscious green trees and water, and hidden coves everywhere! There is something for everyone to like.

People come from miles around to fish, swim, tube/raft, water-ski, jet-ski, and boat on Lake Chatuge. Depending on which side of the lake you are on, there are amenities, food spots, marinas, docks, boat landings, homes, and even a Dam. We even have had seaplanes land on our waters. (We will get into the Dam portion in the next post – with pictures!)

We enjoy Lake Chatuge every chance we can. This lake has one of the best Bass Fishing tournaments around and the mountains surround the lake on every side! You may even catch sight of some local wildlife and birds! And the people, the cool fresh water, and the hot sun will make you feel welcome!

Lake Chatuge is just another reason to call it home in the Western NC area! So much for outdoor enthusiasts and the views are just stunning!



~Kris Williams



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~Kris Williams

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Taylor’s Nursery Robbinsville, NC – Beginner Gardening Advice Free eBook

How was your day? Mine was lovely! I spent over an hour at Taylor’s Nursery today taking pictures and choosing what I needed for the garden. I ended up getting two gigantic 3rd year blueberry bushes at $15 a piece, some tomato plants (Roma and Early girl) 3-to-a-pack for $1 each, an orange poker plant $5, and a 3-pack of mixed colored peppers for $1. They always have friendly service, a smile on their faces, and a wide selection of plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and much more! Every time I go to Taylor’s Nursery, I feel like I am in a candy store picking out the most flavorful tastes. Anyone else feel the same way?

Taylor’s Nursery is located in Robbinsville, North Carolina. Robbinsville is a small town with about 10,000 residents that explode each summer with additional visitors. To reach Robbinsville you must climb a winding trail through the mountains on what used to be the railroad path, if you are coming from Route 64 between Andrews and Nantahala gorge. You can also reach Robbinsville from the Cherohala from Tennessee, Route 64 near turnoff near Almond, NC, or even by US 129. Curvy two lane roads, one in each direction, lead you to the county seat, which is the town of Robbinsville. Robbinsville has all the beautiful mountain scenery you can soak in, fresh water rapids for kayaking, highly talented artists, the Tail of the Dragon famous winding roads, beautiful trees and local plants like Trillium’s and Ginseng, and so much more. But, that is another story worth its own post!!

Getting back to my nursery visit now, I walked almost every greenhouse aisle in pursuit of some fantastic flower pictures, casually glancing at labels to remind me of their names, and making sure that I stuck to my specific list. Rows and rows of many varieties of tomatoes, some I have never seen before and some that I grew in my own garden each year. Regurgitating the names they are as follows: Early girl, Purple Cherokee, Sweet Red Tom-a-toe, Roma, Beefsteak, Beef-master, Golden Jubilee, Red cherry, Red celebrity, Japanese Red, Better Bush, Jolly-Ea Tom-a-toe, Ruby Orr, Brandy-wine, Arkansas Traveler, Paul Robeson, and more that I cannot remember all of their names.

I also saw pots and flats of seedlings growing cantaloupe, peppers, pumpkin, hot peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, egg plant, and asparagus. Flowers were in the next greenhouse and their colors lit up like Christmas lights and fireworks. Yellows, reds, inks purples, whites, blacks, mixed, greens, browns, and then colorful plants filled in all the in-between spaces. I tried my best to capture every flower, bud, and color I could with my camera, essentially spending over an hour snatching every shot I could. Eventually I did come to a time whereas I needed to complete my purchase and be on my way. Not before I mentioned I would be back to take further photos and purchase more again soon!

My day, even though it rained miserably later, was summed up by my magical candy shop visit to a local nursery! I do not know why my heart loves gardening so much, but it is in the depth of my soul and I enjoyed my time at Taylor’s Nursery immensely! I hope you will come along with me on my next visit, or at least tag-a-long with my next post at the nursery.


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